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A. General provisions

  1. Participants of the creation of ASEAN Fun Aerobic Dance Competition (AFADC) participate in the competition on voluntary basis, without coercion, and are subject to competition rules and regulations
  2. All information on AFADC will be published through
    • AFADC website: https://www.asean-aerobiccompetition.id
    • ASEAN website and social media
    • ASEAN Diplomatic Mission of the 10 ASEAN member states
    • Public official channel of the 10 ASEAN Member States
    • AFADC Social Media
  3. Member from the panel of judges and member of AFADC Committee are not eligible to join the competition
  4. Both content and its intellectual properties of all winning entries shall become the property of ASEAN.


B. Objectives

  1. To foster collaboration and cooperation among ASEAN countries in implementing ASEAN Car-free day
  2. To promote healthy lifestyle through encouragement and mobilization of physical activity in ASEAN community
  3. To obtain exercise that represent the ASEAN community and can be officially used during ASEAN events, including ASEAN Car-free day


C. Theme

‘Aerobic Fun Dance for A Healthier ASEAN’


D. Movement criteria for the Fun Aerobic Dance

  1. The ASEAN fun aerobic dance movement is an aerobic low-impact dance movement incorporating ASEAN cultural elements (music arrangement/moves) that is being delivered in a cheerful and energetic manner within a 7-9 mins duration complemented by background music
  2. The choreograph should embedded cultural elements from ASEAN Member States
  3. The choreograph should be easy and safe to be followed by general public from children to elderly
  4. Exercise movements should consist of warming-up, core movement, and cooling-down; all these stages should be accompanied by music that complements and enhances the dance
  5. The choreograph and music arrangement should be an original.
  6. Performers should wear comfortable and appropriate sport attire (long trousers, short/long sleeves that fully cover midriff, and sport shoes) without political-related attributes of their respective countries. Attire should also be free from sponsor-related attributes in which sponsor products are harmful to public health and cause human suffering, directly or indirectly, such as tobacco, alcohol, infant milk formula, and arms industry or other similar entities.



E. Criteria for Participants 

  1. Competitions are open to all citizens/nationals of ASEAN Member States
  2. Participants to the competition is in a group format; that consists of performers, music arranger, and choreographer
  3. A group can be group of individuals with no affiliations or a group representative from an institution or organisations
  4. One group should consist of 5 performers age between 18 – 50 years of male or female or mixed.
  5. Person in charge/lead of the group must make a written statement regarding the originality/copyright of the music arrangement and choreography.
  6. One group may send more than one video but will be allowed to win only once.


F. Registration process

  1. Participants should fill out and complete the registration form that can be accessed from https://www.asean-aerobiccompetition.id; Once the participant’s registration is verified, the committee will send an account number to each participant.
  2. Participants should provide requested information in English along with the submission of the video competition. This includes title of the aerobic dance, music arranger, choreographers and group members, display group name, written statement of the originality of their work. Participants are considered agreed to the terms and conditions of the competition once they submitted the video. 
  3. The maximum size of video is 1GB and it should be presented using landscape layout. The video format should be in high resolution.
  4. The video should be uploaded through participant’s Google Drive and share the link in the submission form.
  5. The Committee will send a notification of the acceptance of the video through e-mail and WhatsApp.
  6. The video will be available at the AFADC official website and YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyPyaUII5u9QTlle27HW7Ug/about) for community voting to be rewarded as people’s choice.
  7. When the content and the format of video does not match the criteria being set out at point D & E, the Committee and the Panel of Judge have the right to disqualify.
  8. When submitted, the video’s content and intellectual property rights of such entries shall belong to ASEAN.


G. AFADC Committee (The Committee)

The Committee for The Creation of ASEAN Fun Aerobic Dance Competition (AFADC) is the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.

Contact Information:

https://www.asean-aerobiccompetition.id; Directorate of occupational health and sports, Ministry of Health


H. Time Schedule (tentative)




Time Schedule


Development of TOR and Rules &Regulation

March-April 2021


TOR and Rules &Regulation circulation to SOMHD for endorsement

1st-2nd week of May 2021


Publication period

2nd week of May 2021


Submission period

1 June – 18 July 2021 at 23.59 (GMT+7, Jakarta’s Time registration may be closed before 18 July 2021 if registration has reach 100 videos)



Judging period

1 June - 30 July 2021


Announcement of the winner

31 July 2021


Rebuttal period of copyright infringement

1-12 August 2021


Final announcement

13 August 2021


Awarding period

17 August 2021


AFADC video production

17 August – 7 September 2021


Official video release for ASEAN Fun Aerobic Dance

Mid-September 2021


The schedule is subjected to change as necessary, and any change will be announced via official website: https://www.asean-aerobiccompetition.idParticipants are expected to monitor information updates on the AFADC website.



I. Awards (the number is subject to adjust)

  1. There will be three selected winners: First prize, second prize, third prize, and people’s choice prize; with prizes as follow
    • 1st place  US$ 5,000 and certificates
    • 2nd place US$ 3,500 and certificates
    • 3rd place : US$ 2,500 and certificates
      • (winner 1-3 will be selected based on the scores of the panelist)
    • People’s choice : US$ 2.500 and certificates (selected based on number of likes in AFADC’s YouTube Channel)
  2. The fun aerobic dance (movement and music arrangement) that is selected as the winner of the first place and people’s choice will be used for the official video of ASEAN fun aerobic dance
    • *additional prices may be provided subject to agreement made by sponsors.


J. Selection mechanism

AFADC Committee will determine panel of judges that meets the following criteria:

  • The panel consists of experts in the field of fitness/fitness professional association or sports doctor, dance/gymnastic choreographer as well as representatives from ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Health Development (SOMHD), Senior Officials Meeting on Sports (SOMS) and Senior Officials Meeting for Culture and Arts (SOMCA). *Representatives are expected from Chair and Vice Chair of these respective sectoral bodies.
  • The panel of judges from experts should has International licensed jury.
  • The panel will work independently, objectively, fairly, and will comply within the established regulations.


  1. Administrative selection
    • The Committee will be the recipient for all submitted videos and documents from participants through the website.
    • Administrative selection will be done automatically by the system in the AFADC’s website.
    • Participants who have submitted completed applications will be declared to have passed the administrative selection and get a verification number.
    • Only participants who pass this first stage can be continued to the second stage: technical selection.
  2. Technical selection
    • Panel of judges will make assessment on all videos that have passed the administrative stage.
    • In determining the first, second, and third winner,  the judges will base their judgement and scoring according to pre-determined assessment criteria, as follow:
      • List of movement should include basic step movements, variation of arm movements, and transitions and linking that are safe, precise, scalable and rhythmic. Strength, endurance, speed and agility should be reflected in movements.
      • Representation of the ASEAN Culture: traditional/local music, traditional/local dance, and any variety of characterized movement representing ASEAN country.
      • Creativity: variations of arm and hand movements, musicality, stage formation and the group’s mastery, choreographs and music originality.
      • Cohesiveness: synchronization of motion among participants in the group.
      • Appearance: motivation, enthusiasm, harmony, and attire.
      • Harmonization between motion, music and performance.
      • The aerobic dance’s theme and title.
      • Appropriate attire as outlined in Point D No. 6.
      • The choreograph should represent at minimum of 2 cultural moves of ASEAN countries with a ratio between exercise movement: cultural movement 80:20
      • The panel of judges will provide the 10 highest score of videos.
      • These assessment results will be forwarded to the Committee.
    • The first three highest score will be announced as winners, if there is no contention during rebuttal period.
    • The people’s choice winner will be determined by the number of likes in the video in the AFADC’s YouTube channel.
    • The decision from panel of judges when finalized is final, absolute, and inviolable.


K. Announcement

Winners will be announced on website https://www.asean-aerobiccompetition.id 
Announcement of the potential winners: 13 August 2021.


L. Complaints and troubleshoot

  1. The Committee will only address copyrights- and property-of-ideas- related complaints of submitted videos.
  2. Any individuals/institutions have the right to report winners during the rebuttal period on matters relate to copyright disputes and other serious violations to the Committee.
  3. The complainant should sign the report with clear contact address, attach a copy of identification card (e.g., passport, national identity card, etc.), and send the documents to committee’s email address as outlined at Point G: AFADC Committee.
  4. Report should be submitted no later than 2 weeks after the announcement of the award and the awarding period.
  5. If the winner is proven to violate the rules of competition, the Committee has the right to withdraw the prize and inform all ASEAN Member States and selects another winner from the list of assessment.


M. Intellectual Property Rights

  1. All participants must comply with relevant laws and regulation, including on law of intellectual property rights applicable in ASEAN Member States and international conventions.
  2. Participant’s related information submitted to AFADC (without exception) will be used for communication purpose in the spirit of information-sharing and non-profit. When it is related and necessary, AFADC will use information of participants on ASEAN communication activity.
  3. Winners acknowledge and agree that all copyright and other rights of dance and music movement in respect of this competition shall be solely and exclusively owned by ASEAN.
  4. All participants agree to assign absolutely to ASEAN without charge all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the right to use, reproduce, modify, publish, license and/or otherwise deal with (whether for commercial and non-commercial purpose) the submitted video of ASEAN fun aerobic dance competition. This includes movement, music arrangement, and any component of the competition
  5. Participant/s represent and warrant that his/their entry is his/their own original work/creation and do not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.


N. Fundings

  1. Support from Indonesia’s national budget as the host of AFADC.
  2. Support from individual sponsors and organisations among the ASEAN community and other resources.
  3. Any engagement from relevant stakeholders in line with the Rules of Procedure on the Engagement of Entities with the ASEAN Health Sector.


O. Implementation

  1. This term of reference will be effective immediately from the date of announcement.
  2. Any changes can only take effect once it is accompanied with a written approval from the Committee and announced in the website.
  3. All participants, panel of judges and all individual involved in organizing the competition are responsible for following and complying with the established rules as outline in this term of reference.