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Rules & Regulation



  1. An aerobic dance low-impact movement incorporating ASEAN cultural elements (music arrangement/moves).
  2. A cheerful and energetic manner within a 7-9 mins duration complemented by background music.
  3. The choreograph should embedded cultural elements from ASEAN countries, easy and safe to be followed by general public from children to elderly.
  4. Exercise movements should consist of warming-up, core movement, and coolingdown; all these stages should be accompanied by music that complements and enhances the dance.
  5. Performers should wear comfortable and appropriate sport attire (long trousers, short/long sleeves that fully cover midriff, and sport shoes) without political-related attributes of their respective countries.
  6. Attire should also be free from sponsor-related attributes in which sponsor products are harmful to public health and cause human suffering, directly or indirectly, such as tobacco, alcohol, infant milk formula, and arms industry or other similar entities.




  1. Information of the video in English, includes : title of the aerobic dance, music arranger, choreographers and group members, display group name, written statement of the originality of their work.
  2. The maximum size is 1GB, landscape layout and in high resolution format.
  3. The choreograph and music arrangement should be an original.
  4. Participants is in a group format; that consists of performers, music arranger, and choreographer.
  5. A group can be a group of individuals with no affiliations or a group representative from an institution or organizations.
  6. One group should consist of 5 performers age between 18 – 50 years of male or female or mixed.
  7. Person in charge/lead of the group must make a w ri t t e n s t a t e m e n t r e g a r d i n g t h e originality/copyright of the music arrangement and choreography



  1. Fill out and complete the registration form at : https://www.asean-aerobiccompetition.id
  2. An account number of each participant will be sent after the registration is verified.
  3. The video should be uploaded through participant's Google Drive and share the link in the submission form.
  4. Acceptance notification of the video will be sent through E-mail and Whatsapp.
  5. Winner will be selected based on the scores of the panelist. The Committee and the Panel of Judge have the right to disqualify.
  6. The acceptance video will be available at the AFADC official website and YouTube Channel of AFADC. Selection of People Choice award will be based on the number of like in AFADC's YouTube channel. 



  • Publication period: Week 2 of May 2021
  • Submission period: 1 June – 30 September 2021 at 23.59 Jakarta Time (may be closed soon if registration has reach 100 videos)
  • Judging period: 1 June - 15 Oktober 2021
  • Announcement of the winner: 16 Oktober 2021
  • Rebuttal period of copyright infringement: 17 - 29 Oktober 2021
  • Final announcement: 30 Oktober 2021
  • Awarding period: 1st Week of November 2021
  • AFADC video production: 1st - 2nd Week of November 2021
  • Official video release for ASEAN Fun Aerobic Dance: 3rd Week of November 2021


Any change will be announced via official website https://www.asean-aerobiccompetition.id