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Rebuttal Period and Selection of People's Choice Award ASEAN Fun Aerobic Dance Competition

Oct 17, 2021 02:30:22 PM


Rebuttal Period and Selection of People's Choice Award 

ASEAN Fun Aerobic Dance Competition 

17 October 2021


  1. The ASEAN Fun Aerobic Dance Competition Committee wish to extend our sincere appreciation to all participants for their interest and inventiveness in creating the dance as well as video for this competition.

  2. After the closing of deadline on 30 September 2021, 6 selected judges conducted review as well as provided score during period of 1 to 15 October 2021. The panel of judges have made a decision on the three highest score of the competition as the ‘nominees of winner’ and subsequently announced the selection result on 16 October 2021, as follows:

    1. Sat Kerthi for All; total score: 571.4

    2. Wonderful Southeast Asia; total score: 561.2

    3. Traditional ASEAN Culture; total score: 554.4

  3. Congratulations to the three highest score participants of the ASEAN Fun Dance Competition. 

  4. Rebuttal period of copyright infringement is opened from 17 to 29 October 2021. The Committee will only address copyrights- and property-of-ideas- related complaints of submitted videos. Any complaints and troubleshoot will be responded with reference to the Term of Reference of AFADC and Rules and Regulations for AFADC 2021. The complainant should sign the report with clear contact address, attach a copy of identification card (e.g., passport, national identity card, etc), and send the documents to AFADC committee at e-mail: contact@asean-aerobiccompetition.id and health@asean.org.

  5. If any of the nominees of winner are proven to violate the rules of competition, the Committee has the rights to withdraw the awards, inform the public and select other winners from the list of assessment. 

  6. People’s choice selection will be taken place on 16-30 October 2021, selected based on number of likes in AFADC’s YouTube Channel. So, visit https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyPyaUII5u9QTlle27HW7Ug/about and make your choice!

  7. The announcement of the winners and people’s choice will be on 30 October 2021 in this website. 

  8. The decision from panel of judges when finalized is final, absolute, and inviolable.


The Committee